Xbox One

Today Microsoft revealed the new gen. of xbox the “Xbox One”. Now as far as I think we should not call it gaming console because it is a “All in One Device”.


On Xbox One,apart from gaming you can watch tv,listen to the music,skype,internet etc.Xbox One is the device which will connect user to the e-world through Kinect.

Kinect enabled us to interact with Xbox.Now it has reached to a new level with more great gesture support.

One of the most striking feature of Xbox One is Voice Control.When Yusuf Mehdi said “Xbox On”,Xbox turned on and recogized Yusuf’s voice and automatically logged in,that’s incredible.

With one new step in the world of gestures , now kinect recoginses Universal gesture like grabbing.You can grab the screen and stretch it to get into the full screen mode.It’s just awesome.

Two more new features unveiled were Snap Mode and Instant Switching.Instant Switching enables you to jump from one app/game to another in fraction of seconds.Snap Mode is very similar to other multitasking modes on smartphones we see today.You can surf on the net and watch video in small window alongside playing game.

Now going in to the hardware stuff,Xbox One has 5 Billion Transistors and 8 GB of RAM.It has 8 core CPu,Wi-Fi,Blu-ray drive , native 64-bit architecture.On the software side it has 3 OSs.One Xbox Os for gaming and cinematic realism.Second Windows Kernel for web based apps and third to combine t  hese 2 OSs for instant switching and snap mode.

New Kinect sensor was unveiled with new design and capability of 2 Gigabit/sec rate.The Kinect recognizes wrist movement,rotation of wrist,balance of weight,energy of motion,heart beat rate,depth etc.It is now on very high level and completely connecting human to e-interface.

468px-Xbox1Xbox One will have Xbox Live with 300,000 servers all over the world.When Xbox Live was launched there were only 300 servers but now 300,000 servers to give Xbox Community awesome experience.

EA and Microsoft announce  their new relationship and EA announced 4 titles which will be launched in this year,Fifa 14,Madden NFL 14, NBA Live and UFC.

There will be 15 franchise games in first year of Xbox One with 8 new franchise.

According to me Xbox One is a complete package and a revolutionary device.More of Xbox stuff will be revealed at E3.

2 thoughts on “Xbox One

  1. To be fair, most home consoles this generation are trying to be all-in-one devices, some are just doing it more successfully than others. I’m excited to see what new information will be revealed at E3.

  2. Grt work bro !!!! Grt writing…. 😀 reading the full blog.. Just awesome.. 😀

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