iPad Mini Retina display production in Q3 : IHS


When we saw iPad Mini for first time, we though it would be amazing but many of us didn’t buy it because there was no Retina Display.Panel production for the high-resolution Mini will be “less than 3 million” units in the third quarter, Sweta Dash, senior director of LCD research at IHS iSuppli, told CNET. Taiwan-based DigiTimes reported Friday that Pegatron will begin production of the next-gen Mini tablet in August.

Of course, only Apple knows the actual timing of the next-gen Mini announcement. But availability to Apple will depend on when the panel production goes into high gear, according to Dash.

“Ideally, [display makers] should be producing in high volume one or two quarters before Apple can use the display,” she said.

So, hypothetically, if display makers begin manufacturing the high-resolution 7.9-inch Mini panels in the third quarter, then step up production in the fourth quarter, that would push high-volume availability into the fourth quarter.

Source : cnet

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