Impact of Microsoft in my life!

IMG_4483Microsoft Technologies always facinating for me. And the major reasons are they are affordable, available to eveyone and this is from where I started my computer journey(Windows 95).

<– My first windows Laptop. Still supports windows 8.1 without any hassle. ❤ That’s the power of windows.

Four ways Microsoft Technologies are helping me:

1. Development:

‘Availble to everyone’ is too much advantaneous for developers like us. Imagine technology available to most of every person who uses computer and plus easiest available way to develop an app.

Yess I’m talking about Windows 8.1.

Currently I’m working on an App which will help people to connect to people around them not around the world!

I even use windows environment for most of all development. My windows machine has eclipse, arduino IDE, netbeans…everything needed for development.

IMG_8274My recent one.

Arduino based car which can be controlled using bluetooth of my windows devices.

2.Microsoft Office:

The most convenient office software I can ever imagine. I have tried Apple’s iLife and OpenOffice but the MS Office…nothing’s like that.

Without MS Office it is nearly impossible to make college projects in a glimpse. 

Microsoft Access and mySQL are my favourite environments for database solutions.

3.The Xbox:

Well all I can say is it helps to refresh my mind when I am feeling tired. Kinect is part of my everyday life to get Fit(Nike Training).

4.The UI and easiness of use:

The feeling you get on a windows machine is priceless. The screen feels like home. So easy to use. And we are taking so much advantages of that.

It is so easy to teach computer to kids thanks to Windows.

Bottom line, without windows I wouldn’t be able to develop any apps, teach people how 1s and 0s can change your life, and even play if off(Xbox). 😉

Plans to bring a change Being a Microsoft Student Associate:
What i think is there’s gap in of outsourcing of knowledge.
Students who really are good developer might not get chance to represent themselves or they don’t have platform to represent their skills. 
The best way to make it available is by delivering seminars and workshops. As a student even i always think of attending workshops.
Some of the following ideas-
1. Delivering seminars
2. Delivering workshops
3. Organizing events where all the developers or ideas may be combined to enhance knowledge(Imagine cup which already comes with same concept but not everyone can reach up). 

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