Impact of Microsoft in my life!

IMG_4483Microsoft Technologies always facinating for me. And the major reasons are they are affordable, available to eveyone and this is from where I started my computer journey(Windows 95).

<– My first windows Laptop. Still supports windows 8.1 without any hassle. ❤ That’s the power of windows.

Four ways Microsoft Technologies are helping me:

1. Development:

‘Availble to everyone’ is too much advantaneous for developers like us. Imagine technology available to most of every person who uses computer and plus easiest available way to develop an app.

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I was so god damn sure that I will never fall in love again, then I found GTA V.


The game that stole my heart. Graphics, Story and the best one tiny tiny details.

Best game to play. Get it now for Xbox and PS3. PC version coming soon. 😀

From RIM to Blackberry.

Few months ago RIM turned to Blackberry officially with so many changes.

They announced the new BB OS 10. Great OS I must say.

I am a hardcore Apple fan. Using iPhone from last few years but for a week I switched to Blackberry and it was amazing.

There is nothing like Blackberry keybaord. So awesome, it is hard to stop typing. ❤


Blackberry Z10

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Steve Jobs is missed: iOS 7.

When I saw iOS 7 first time in WWDC event I was shocked. So many new features but still nothing like Apple. Some of the features are seriously pretty exciting. I love them but the UI, realated to Android, Windows,Symbian and even Cydia Apps in so many ways.

Here are some not so apple UI examples of iOS 7.


Worst Dial Pad ever.

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Catch WWDC live.

WWDC will begin in a few hours & the suspense is immense!

If you can’t wait to know what Apple has to offer at this year, you can catch it live at

If you’re unsure as to when you’ll be needing to tune in, below is a chart detailing the starting times for all of the world’s major cities or click here to check remaining time.

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iOS 7 event in few Hours.

From the first iOS release UI is pretty same. Rumor says that we are going to get new UI with so many features.

iOS 5 was the biggest iOS release. Do you think this update will change everything?

Click here to see time remaining for WWDC event.

new iOS look rumor.

Stay tune to TechThropist for updates on today’s event.