Huawei, a Chinese company launched world’s slimmest smartphone (Ascend P6 – “Elegance with Edge” ).

Huawei Ascend P6 : I am the slimmest .



The Huawei Ascend P6 entered our rumor mill a while ago with full specs, official and live picturescoming since. Today Huawei finally is holding a press event in London where it promised to show the Ascend P6 officially.

Well, the event is still half an hour away but Huawei has just made the Ascend P6 official via a press release. It might have been a mistake by someone in the PR department as the page has been taken down since, but the info is already out.

Huawei Ascend P6 features a glove-friendly 4.7-inch 720p in-cell LCD and is powered by Huawei’s home-brewed K3V2 chipset. The same SoC powers the Ascend Mate, Ascend P2 and Ascend D2 with its quad-core 1.5GHz Cortex-A9 processor and Continue reading

Balloon-Powered Internet : Google Loon


Many of us think of the Internet as a global community. But two-thirds of the world’s population does not yet have Internet access. Project Loon is a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space, designed to connect people in rural and remote areas, help fill coverage gaps, and bring people back online after disasters.

How Loon Works? Continue reading

Updated GMAIL App for iOS

mzl.puawgpzk.320x480-75  Gmail is considered among the very best email clients in the world, and this is largely thanks to Google’s dogged efforts in maintaining and updating its growing list of features. The new-look, tabbed Gmail inbox was first announced back last week, and having promised both the Android and iOS Apps would be forthcoming, the search giant Continue reading

Motorola is coming back with “Moto X” in Market by giving surety that this phone will be the most powerful phone in whole Android Market.


Motorola CEO: Moto X Phone Coming By October, Built In Texas, And It is The First In A New Product Line [Update : Possible Summer Release ].


This is allegedly an earlier version of the Motorola X, note the touch sensitive logo on the back (R)

The conferences put on by AllThingsD tend to be a bit sedate – Walt Mossberg gets on stage with some Very Important People and picks their brain in front of a live audience. Not so with tonight’s interview of Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside and Research & Development head Regina Dugan. At the D11 stage, Woodside let loose with a flurry of information about the company’s plans for the remainder of the year, starting with the much-rumored X Phone. Yup, it’s real, and according to the interview, the “hero device” will be released by October 2013. Continue reading

iPhone users spends more time on iPhone


iPhone users in the U.S. average more time on their smartphones than Android users, but they spend less time talking on their handsets than their open-source counterparts, according to a new study released Tuesday.Overall, the average American adult spends nearly an hour a day on their smartphones, but just a quarter of that time is spent talking, according to Experian Marketing Services research.The findings illustrate the increasing shift of consumer tastes to mobile devices for their information and entertainment.

Voice calling was the most popular single smartphone activity among Continue reading

New Gmail

We love Gmail. It’s simple,user friendly and easy to use. But the main reason we use Gmail is it has less spam and hacking threats. And now Google is upgrading their capabilities.

They just launched newer version of gmail promising no spam messages. No spam messages yes!

And they also changed the layout. It’s pretty cool! Everything organized.


If you want to check Social messages there is different space for that, if you want to check important messages special space, for updates from Blogs like us there’s a space. Everything in it’s place. No more deleting unnecessary messages and all. Google covered it all. Continue reading

Youtube app no more on Windows Phone


Before you make any wrong assumptions let  me tell you that Microsoft is not removing YouTube app permanently.Microsoft and Google-owned YouTube jointly said that the disputed YouTube app for Windows Phone will be reworked once again, and Microsoft pulled the offending app from its Windows Phone store. The app now points simply to YouTube’s mobile link.But within a few weeks Microsoft will post a new version of the app restoring the ads eliminated in a previous version and blocking users from downloading video content itself. Continue reading