Updated GMAIL App for iOS

mzl.puawgpzk.320x480-75  Gmail is considered among the very best email clients in the world, and this is largely thanks to Google’s dogged efforts in maintaining and updating its growing list of features. The new-look, tabbed Gmail inbox was first announced back last week, and having promised both the Android and iOS Apps would be forthcoming, the search giant Continue reading

New Gmail

We love Gmail. It’s simple,user friendly and easy to use. But the main reason we use Gmail is it has less spam and hacking threats. And now Google is upgrading their capabilities.

They just launched newer version of gmail promising no spam messages. No spam messages yes!

And they also changed the layout. It’s pretty cool! Everything organized.


If you want to check Social messages there is different space for that, if you want to check important messages special space, for updates from Blogs like us there’s a space. Everything in it’s place. No more deleting unnecessary messages and all. Google covered it all. Continue reading