Haswell : 4th Gen Core i-series processors


Most of the laptops and desktops we see today uses intel core processors.Now intel has launched 4th generation of its core processors and the code name is Haswell.

There are some new features like Wi-Di,Wi-Di 4.1 is built into new Haswell processors. Wi-Di, Intel’s wireless display technology for beaming video and sound to a TV or monitor, has been around for several years, but the latest version features less lag and a new touch-friendly interface for touch PCs. Of course, you’ll still need to find a TV or plug-in adapter that’s compatible with Wi-Di. Continue reading


With double bandwidth Thunderbolt 2 is here


Thunderbolt-cable-Appel-store-image-001Haswell has been the talk of the town lately.But it’s the time for the thunderbolt to steal the light.With massive bandwidth,double than the thunderbolt 1 , it supports 4K videos.Thi year there will be two big consoles in the market Xbox One and PlayStation 4.It won’t be a surprise if any of these console uses thunderbolt as a display port.

“By combining 20Gb/s bandwidth with DisplayPort 1.2 support, Thunderbolt 2 creates an entirely new way of thinking about 4K workflows, specifically the ability to support raw 4K video transfer and data delivery concurrently,”┬ásays Jason Ziller, Continue reading