Impact of Microsoft in my life!

IMG_4483Microsoft Technologies always facinating for me. And the major reasons are they are affordable, available to eveyone and this is from where I started my computer journey(Windows 95).

<– My first windows Laptop. Still supports windows 8.1 without any hassle. ❤ That’s the power of windows.

Four ways Microsoft Technologies are helping me:

1. Development:

‘Availble to everyone’ is too much advantaneous for developers like us. Imagine technology available to most of every person who uses computer and plus easiest available way to develop an app.

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Windows 8.1 Preview Download Links Are Now Live, Here’s How To Download And Install!


Microsoft announced Windows 8.1 officially a while back, stating that the new version of the desktop and tablet operating system will be offered as a free update to existing users of Windows 8 through the Windows Store. We even brought you details of what was new in the new version of the OS, and as it turned out, there was quite some new stuff to celebrate. Now, it seems the Redmond company is taking a slightly different approach, making available the Preview version for Windows 8.1 to all users.

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‘Age Of Empires’ and many other in iOS


Microsoft may not be the most friendly group of folks out there when it comes to working with other companies – particularly Apple.  But according to a report from Nikkei (via Reuters), the company is nevertheless planning to bring one if its most popular PC and console games to Apple’s mobile platform – Age of Empires!

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Bing Translator , you can use it offline too



The Bing Translator app has been available on Windows Phone for some time, but today it’s heading over to Windows 8. According to a post on the browser’s Search Blog, the program was built “from the ground up” for Windows devices, and it utilizes the Share Charm to let you translate text from within any Windows 8 app. Otherwise, it works much the same as on other platforms: by using your gadget’s camera to parse more than 40 languages (of course, you can type text to translate as well). The Translator app also includes offline support, so you can download language packs for use without a WiFi connection. Check it out for yourself by heading to the download page in the Windows Store.

It wouldn’t have been possible without Windows 8.

One side there is idea and another side innovation. Windows 8 combines both.

We used to see smart touch screen devices in movies. We loved it. It was easy to create a touch screen device at that time also but we did not have powerful software to run in. And then Windows 8 comes.
Finally something innovative enough to change the computer market.

So many new designs. Hybrids, Tablets, Smart Laptops and even So sexy Personal Computers.

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