iOS 7 user experience beats Android and Windows Phone, survey says





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iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iOS 7 Reviews from big guys

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The reviews for the latest Apple devices and software are out.

Reviewers, journalists, and critics alike have ripped the foundations and fundamentals of Apple’s latest creations — the premium iPhone 5s, the low-cost iPhone 5c, and the next-generation iOS 7 software — and given their verdict.

Here are snippets of some of the other reviews from around the Web late on Tuesday:

iPhone 5s

AnandTech’s Anand Lal Shimpi gave a deep and thorough 13-page review of the premium Apple smartphone. The highest praise fell on the hardware features, notably the Apple A7 processor and M7 motion controller, which was described as “futureproof.” But some criticism fell in what Apple missed out, like as a slightly larger display, which in his view had “room for another sweet spot above 4-inches.”

While I don’t believe the world needs to embrace 6-inch displays, I do feel there is room for another sweet spot above 4-inches. […] If you prefer iOS for your smartphone — the iPhone 5s won’t disappoint. In many ways it’s an evolutionary improvement over the iPhone 5, but in others it is a significant step forward.  Continue reading

Welcome Jony Ive’s Redesigned iOS 7 in upcoming WWDC !!!


The current Internet scuttlebutt has it that when Tim Cook takes the stage on Monday for the WWDC keynote, he will not only unveil iOS 7, but a new, flatter ‘look’ for the entire mobile operating system spearheaded by Jony Ive. This would bring the look of iOS closer to modern design principles employed by the likes of Google and Microsoft, and finally flush Scott Forstall’s skeuomorphism turd.

Developer Steve King wanted to give people an idea what a redesigned iOS 7 with flatter, less skeuomorphic design elements would really look like, so he mocked up a flatter iOS 7. But what makes King’s mock-up even more existing is it’s all done in HTML, CSS and Javascript (no images!), meaning it’s fully interactive in any browser.

You can find the interactive iOS7 concept here. King explains his thinking when designing the OS:

Based on a combination of leaked photos and the new WWDC app highlighted in our iOS 7 rumour round-up, changes to the OS will likely consist of a flatter aesthetic and less gradients.

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Airdrop like file-sharing for iOS 7


As a Mac user it feels great to have feature like Airdrop.Now as per report Apple plans to have Airdrop like filesharing feature for iOS 7.As we all know that Apple is going to launch new iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 on June 10 reports suggest that Apple is testing new iOS 7 which include Airdrop.Even last year reports claimed that new iOS Continue reading