Haswell-equipped 15-inch MacBook Pro appears in Geekbench report

Haswellequipped 15inch MacBook Pro appears in Geekbench report

It’s hardly a matter of “if” — it’s simply a matter of “when.” Now that Intel’s Haswell CPU has found its way into the MacBook Air line, it’s a given that Apple engineers are actively looking for ways to cram that very silicon into the rest of its laptop range. If a newly uncovered Geekbench report is to be believed, it looks as if the 15-inch MacBook Pro could be next in line.

The report (pictured in full after the break) details a machine packing a 2.4GHz Core i7-4950HQ and 16GB of RAM, and while there’s no discrete GPU shown, Primate Labs‘ John Poole has informed MacRumors that the benchmark may have simply missed it during testing. At any rate, the score itself isn’t anything to write home about — it’s pretty Continue reading


I have Apple ecosystem and I’m helpless.

In 2001 when Apple came back with iPod, we loved it. Great device, great music quality,awesome design but pretty costly. Then the iPhone in 2007. Same thing happened, Magical,awesome but costly. They upgraded Macbooks from software to hardware base, sexy hardware that can catch everyone’s eyes and even more seexier software . And then the iPad in 2010. It changed everything. Apple gave our dreams in our hands We bought iPod for listening to music, Upgraded from windows to Mac, bought iPhone because there was nothing like an iPhone,  and finally an iPad because checking mails, reading books and surfing on big touch screen device was different and better experience for  us. Continue reading