IE 11 to support WebGL and MPEG Dash


Few would say that consistency is good for its own sake. Microsoft certainly agrees — it just revealed at Build that Internet Explorer 11 will reverse the company’s previously cautious stance on WebGL. The new browser will support the 3D standard from the get go, joining the likes of Chrome and Firefox. IE11 should improve plain old 2D as well, as there’s hardware acceleration for video streaming through MPEG Dash. All told, Internet Explorer should be a better web citizen — and deliver a speed boost in the process. Continue reading

Windows 8.1 Preview Download Links Are Now Live, Here’s How To Download And Install!


Microsoft announced Windows 8.1 officially a while back, stating that the new version of the desktop and tablet operating system will be offered as a free update to existing users of Windows 8 through the Windows Store. We even brought you details of what was new in the new version of the OS, and as it turned out, there was quite some new stuff to celebrate. Now, it seems the Redmond company is taking a slightly different approach, making available the Preview version for Windows 8.1 to all users.

The new version is pretty stable, and if you’re running Continue reading

‘Age Of Empires’ and many other in iOS


Microsoft may not be the most friendly group of folks out there when it comes to working with other companies – particularly Apple.  But according to a report from Nikkei (via Reuters), the company is nevertheless planning to bring one if its most popular PC and console games to Apple’s mobile platform – Age of Empires!

Reuters reports: Continue reading

Microsoft on DRM: ‘We Have Listened’


Microsoft on Wednesday said it is backing away from some strict digital-rights-management policies that were poorly received in the videogame community, Ian Sherr writes.
Those policies included forcing restrictions on selling used games as well as requiring the forthcoming Xbox One console to connect to the Internet once a day. In a post on Microsoft’s Xbox Wire site, Don Mattrick, who runs the Microsoft unit in charge of the Xbox, said Microsoft was dropping those restrictions. ”We have listened and we have heard loud and clear from your feedback that you want the best of both worlds,” he said. Continue reading

The New Generation Xbox Controller


Xbox One is designed to be the best system for gamers, and its new controller is specifically created for gaming. The Xbox One controller is instantly familiar to anyone who has used the tried-and-true Xbox 360 controller, and introduces more than 40 technology innovations that make it more immersive, precise and comfortable.

The Xbox team meticulously analyzed the Xbox 360 controller for areas to innovate, and conducted 20 research studies around the world with more than 500 participants of all ages, genders and gaming proficiencies to validate every proposed improvement. Some innovations were small. Others were substantial. By the end, after 200 prototypes, the team was confident the culmination of their efforts was a controller that was still distinctly Xbox, but refined and improved. Continue reading