Xbox One

Today Microsoft revealed the new gen. of xbox the “Xbox One”. Now as far as I think we should not call it gaming console because it is a “All in One Device”.


On Xbox One,apart from gaming you can watch tv,listen to the music,skype,internet etc.Xbox One is the device which will connect user to the e-world through Kinect.

Kinect enabled us to interact with Xbox.Now it has reached to a new level with more great gesture support.

One of the most striking feature of Xbox One is Voice Control.When Yusuf Mehdi said “Xbox On”,Xbox turned on and recogized Yusuf’s voice and automatically logged in,that’s incredible.

With one new step in the world of gestures , now kinect recoginses Universal gesture like grabbing.You can grab the screen and stretch it to get into the full screen mode.It’s just awesome.

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